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North Koreaball


North Koreaball, or Democratic People's Republic of Koreaball, is a controversial Juche-icon Juche East Asian country in Korean peninsula. It has little money and food and it's famous for its "glorious" leader and "amazing culture".

Beside its claims to have nukes, it is technological backwater and, if it wasn't for its propaganda, it would probably collapse quickly because of its dictatorship regime.

North Koreaball has a rocky relationship with its southern neighbor, South Korea-icon South Koreaball, since they both claim to be the only Korea, recognizing each other as an imposter. Japan-icon Japanball also doesn't think he is true Korea.

He claims he can into nuke, but he can't into nuke. The last time he did, he got sanctioned by UN-icon UNball.

He is not a Kebab, but he really likes Kebab Countries because they want to destroy USA-icon USAball and Israel-icon Israelcube.

North Koreaball has one the the largest militaries in the world, with over a million active personell. But he isn't very stronk because most of his equipment is very old, dating back to the Cold War era. He's the only country in the world to have Il-28 bombers in active service. Kim Jong Un's (the glorious leader of North Koreaball) half brother was killed recently and Malaysia-icon Malaysiaball has banned all North Koreans from his clay.

Currently he of testings nukes so much that his neighbour, China-icon Chinaball and enemies Japan-icon Japanball, South Korea-icon South Koreaball and USA-icon USAball had enough and want to end his nuke program. USA-icon USAball is stepping into North Koreaball's clay which may result in big huge war that will endanger the world (World War 3 imminent.)

But recently he seems to have a change of heart and made history by meeting South Koreaball's president for the first time and is willing to talk to Trump. He also demolished his nuclear testing site and is willing to denuclearise.

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