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Turkeyball, officially the kebab Republic of Turkeyball, is a countryball located between Anatolia, Asia, East Thrace and Middle East, bordered by Syria-icon Syriaball and Iraq-icon Iraqball to the South, Greece-icon Greeceball to the West, Bulgaria-icon Bulgariaball to the Northwest, and Iran-icon Iranball to the East. The country is divided into 81 provinces, along with his capital Ankara-icon Ankaraball, giving him a total area of 302,535 square miles, making him the 36th largest country in the world. With a population of about 79.51 million as of 2016, he's the world's 19th most populous country.

Being a Turkic country, as well as having strong ties with the western world, makes Turkey a member of the Turkic Council-icon Turkic Council and NATO-icon NATO. However, even after his attempts, he has failed to become a member of the EU-icon EUball due to the many problems he's dealing with. Turkey is also a member of the G20 (or Group of Twenty), a group formed by the countryballs that have the 19 largest economies plus the EU-icon EUball.

Turkeyball is often referred as "aggressive, nationalist" because of his actions towards many countryballs. He tends to act very aggressive when it comes to things like the Armenian Genocide or Cyprus, tries to stop any sort of Kurdistan-icon Kurdish nationalism, and now he is beginning to make ties with countries the USA-icon USAball and EU hate the most, like Iran-icon Iranball. Apart from his actions, Turkey still hopes that he can get away from the Middle East and become a peaceful country, however that is very unlikely.

His national day is October 29.

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