Ne mutlu Türküm diyene.
(How happy is the one who says I am a Turk)
— Mustafa Kemal Atatürk

Turkeyball, also known as Kebab The Great or The Main Kebab, is a countryball located between Anatolia, Asia, East Thrace and Middle East. Turkeyball is often depicted as male. He is the brother of Azerbaijanball.

Hates when people call all Muslims as Kebab. He gives the reason Turkballs being kebab (Azerbaijanball, TRNCball etc.).

He, along with other Turkballs have the goal of forming  Turanball, which is the EUball of nations which uses the languages in the Ural-Altaic language family which expands the union to even Estoniaball, Finlandball, Hungaryball, North Koreaball, South Koreaball and of course, Mongoliaball. He is also really bad at translating songs.

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