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Czech-icon Czechiaball

Czechiaball, officially the Czech Republicball is a countryball located in Central Europe. His clay is landlocked, bordered by Poland-icon Polandball to the North, Austria-icon Austriaball to the South, Slovakia-icon Slovakiaball to the East, and Germany-icon Germanyball to the West. The country is divided into 13 regions, with his capital Warsaw-icon Pragueball located in the Western half of the country, giving him a total area of about 30,450 square miles, making him the 115th largest country in the world. As of 2016, he maintains a population of about 10.56 million inhabitants.

Like most former communist states, after the Soviet-icon Soviet Union collapsed, Czechia decided to join EU-icon EUball and NATO-icon NATOball to gain protection from Russia-icon Russiaball. Czechia is also a member in the Visegrád Group-icon Visegrád Groupball, being in central Europe, as well as the UN-icon UNball like almost every other country.

Czechia is often seen as the most stable and prosperous of all the post-communist states of Europe. While he has had a rough history, being part of several different kingdoms, duchies, empires, and unions, he was still able to keep his sense of nationalistic central European Slavic identity, making him one of the more peaceful Slavs of Europe.

His national day is January 1st.

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