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Jeg elsker Legos!
— Denmarkball, expressing his love for Legos

Denmarkball, officially the Kingdom of Denmark, is a happy countryball in the northern part of Europe. He borders only one country being Germany-icon Germanyball, although he is very close to the Southern tip of Sweden-icon Swedenball. The country is divided into 5 regions, with the capital Copenhagen-icon Copenhagenball located on Zealandball (Denmark), giving him a total area of 16,576 square miles (Not including Faroe-icon Faroe Islandsball and Greenland-icon Greenlandball, making him the 130th largest nation in the world. As of 2016, his population has about 5.731 million inhabitants.

Being geographically in Europe, as well as being a Nordic, Westernized sovereign nation, gives Denmark the ability to join EU-icon EUball, NATO-icon NATOball, and of course the Kalmar Union-icon Nordic Councilball. He is also a member of the UN-icon UNball like almost every other nation in the world.

Denmark is normally regarded as one of the happiest overall countries in the world. His citizens enjoy a high standard of living, fine education, great welfare, and protected human rights. He has one of the least corrupt governments in the world, and is the fifth most developed in the world, even using new ways to develop less polluting energy sources, such as windmills. While he has a weak military, he keeps a large number of friends close with almost no need for self defense.

His national day is June 5th

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