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Franceball is a culturally, military and economically successful countryball who loves poems, architecture and epic facts. She is currently the wife of her clone Germany-icon Germanyball, and mother to EUball.

She still has a friendly rivalry against UK-icon UKball who stole her America she says, and who sucks at cooking. Franceball also retained some of her imperial possessions, such as French Guianaball, Réunionball or French Polynesiaball who are splendid children who have many good things to cook and who constitutes for her a gigantic maritime space. Franceball conquered a very large part of the planet but is told not to be good at fighting, because of her schizophrenia in WW2 despite of her heroic action in Dunkirk to save UK-icon UKball. But usually, she tags along with USA-icon USAball with Middle-Eastern conflicts (Even told so, Franceball military-talking the most powerful European ball, and she hides a dark side of military pride, Napoleonic and Crusader dreams). She also has the most tourists visiting her clay in the world and is currently experiencing a permanent strike. She also has good and smart diplomacy, noblesse oblige.

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