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Serbia-icon Serbiaball

Serbiaball, officially the Republic of Serbiaball, is a countryball living in Southeast Europe, specifically on Balkan peninsula. His clay is bordered by Bosnia-icon Bosnia and Herzegovinaball, Croatia-icon Croatiaball, and Montenegro-icon Montenegroball to the West, Bulgaria-icon Bulgariaball and Romania-icon Romaniaball to the East, Hungary-icon Hungaryball to the North, Albaniaball, Macedonia-icon Macedoniaball, and disputably Kosovo-icon Kosovoball to the South. The country is divided into 29 districts, two autonomous provinces being Vojvodina-icon Vojvodinaball and Kosovo, as well as the capital Belgrade-icon Belgradeball, giving him a total area of 29,913 sq mi (34,116 square miles if you include Kosovo). As of 2011, he maintains a population of about 7.261 million inhabitants (If you don't include Kosovo).

Due to having close ties with his cousin Russia-icon Russiaball, Serbia has become an observer of CSTO-icon CSTO. He has refused to join NATO-icon NATO however after they bombed him, and can't join EU-icon EUball until he recognizes Kosovo.

Serbia is often seen as a very violent and aggressive country. He hates any sorts of muslims or kebab, especially his own (Talking to you Kosovo), and tries to deny any sort of war crimes he commited during the yugoslav wars. Though he may act aggressive, he is really just a sad, poor country who has lost almost everything and everyone from the days of Yugoslavia, which is why he doesn't want to lose Kosovo.

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