Proletariats of the world, unite!
Soviet-icon USSR Motto and Proud State Anthem

Soviet Unionball, also called as Sovietball, USSRball, CSSRball, or CCCPball was of the first socialist balls. He can into remove capitalist USA-icon Pindonisyaball. He can also into throwings Russian-Empire-icon bourgeoisie traitors into gulag. He was united in 1922 after October Revolution in 1917 and collapsed in 1991. One of his favorite songs is Cоветский марш because although USA-icon His Opposite created that game, he of believings that he will be of restored. Soviet Unionball wants to remove anyone who disagrees with him (such as USA-icon USAball) unless they into communism. He also hates most religion for oppressing the working class, Protestant-icon Protestants, Catholic-icon Catholics, Orthodox-icon Orthodoxes (sometimes), Islam-icon Muslims, Israel-icon Jews and Buddhism-icon Buddhists. It is said that seconds before his death, after drinking liters of vodka he spits out an egg containing his child (and according to some countryballs, reincarnation), Russia-icon Russiaball. It is said that his soul still lingers, influencing Russia-icon Russiaball and waiting to be resurrecte.

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