Long live our Soviet Motherland
— USSR state anthem
Proletariats of the world, unite!
— USSR Motto and Proud State Anthem

Soviet Unionball, also called as Sovietball, USSRball, CSSRball, or CCCPball was of the first socialist balls. He can into remove capitalist Pindonisyaball. He can also into throwings bourgeoisie traitors into gulag. He was united in 1922 after glorious October Revolution in 1917 and collapsed in 1991.

Soviet Unionball wants to remove capitalist pig (such as USAball) unless they into communism and equality. He also hates most religion for oppresing working class , ProtestantsCatholics, Orthodoxes (sometimes), MuslimsJews and Buddhists. РАССТРЕЛЯТЬ ИХ ВСЕХ!!! Although he tries to be the kind after removing Сталин.

It is said that his soul still lingers, influencing Russiaball and waiting to be resurrected.

He also has nice anthem


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