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Polandball is the original protagonist of polandball. He can't get anything in space according to the meme, even though there was a Polish cosmonaut, Miroslaw Hermaszewski. Poland is the country where vodka was invented.

This character is often portrayed as a naive countryball often bullied by his neighbours for partitions or annexations. Usually, he's a plumber for UK-icon UKball, based on the fact that many Poles live in Great Britain. Both Germany-icon Germanyball and Russia-icon Russiaball sometimes see Polandball as a possible expansion territory.

Polandball likes Murica-icon USAball and other Allies (except the Soviet-icon Soviet Unionball) for help during WWII against Nazis.

Due to being upside-down, its flag would now result the same as Indonesia-icon Indonesiaball and Monaco-icon Monacoball. The solution is to draw Indonesia with an Asian hat or songkok and Monaco with either sunglasses.

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The Countryball eyes are randomly selected.

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