“xaxaxa polan i trick yuo”
―Russiaball after tricking Poland

Russiaball is a large, Orthodox and stronk countryball in Eurasia and covers more clay on Earthball than any other country.

Russiaball is usually strong, proud, and it got better compared to its old Soviet-icon Soviet days, and known for its constant rivalry against USA-icon Pindosiyaball and Germany-icon Germanyball and its worst enemy (and nightmare) is NATO-iconNATOball.

He can into space, and in fact he is the first into space. However, Russiaball is grumpy with the USA-icon USAball and Turkey-icon TurkeyballRussiaball has fairly good relations with China-icon Chinaball but dislikes Japan-icon Japanball.

He loves (not homosex though) his Slavic family, his best friends are Belarus-icon Belarusball and Kazakhstan-icon Kazakhbrick.

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