“xaxaxa polan i trick yuo”
―Russiaball after tricking Poland

Russiaball is a large, Orthodox and stronk countryball in Eurasia and covers more clay on Earthball than any other country.

Russiaball is usually strong, proud, and it got better compared to its old Soviet days, and known for its constant rivalry against Pindosiyaball and Germanyball and its worst enemy (and nightmare) is NATOball.

He can into space, and in fact he is the first into space. However, Russiaball is grumpy with the USAball and TurkeyballRussiaball has fairly good relations with Chinaball but dislikes Japanball.

He loves (not homosex though) his Slavic family, his best friends are Belarusball and Kazakhbrick.


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