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Ya como chingas pinche Trompetas y tu muro
Mexico-icon Mexicoball

Mexicoball is a countryball with identity conflicts; he lives in North America with USA-icon USAball and Canada-icon Canadaball but he does not even share their language; he is son of Spain-icon Spainball like his relatives the other Latin Americanballs (with the exception of Brazil-icon Brazilball) but he rarely does business with them; he is too much latino to please his neighbors and "demasiado gringo" to please his distant relatives. He is actually a part of North America, along with USA-icon USAball, Canada-icon Canadaball and the Caribbean islandsballs. He is always trying to sneak into USA-icon clay. Welp, not anymore... if only a few fences or a giant brick could stop me.

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